Monday, March 23, 2009

Wasted Weekend

Well, not wasted ... just LONG. Double BB, you see, was in an accident on Super Bowl Sunday, and his truck was totaled. We finally got ourselves mentally geared up (the most important part) and financially prepared to go find him a new/different vehicle.

You know how that goes. Ping pong ... all that useless back-&-forth of 'negotiating' ... thankfully, we have been purchasing vehicles from the same dealership, from the same guy, for two decades, so some of the b.s. and frustration is mercifully removed. Double BB has about a 15 minute attention span for b.s., particularly during NCAA tournament playoffs.

So. Bottom line. If you are in need of a vehicle, NOW IS THE TIME. Symptom of our down turned economy, and I wish no ill on any business, but it certainly did work out in our favor and now my hottie husband is tooling about in a new-to-him Silverado truck, looking good and I am restored to MY autonomous driving devices in a new-to-me Impala. [Double BB's been driving my truck, dropping me off in the mornings, and My Lovely Mother has been chauffeuring me home.]

Two cars for only slightly more than the price of one, and I was able to get way above full value on my meager trade-in.

And now it's over for, hopefully, another decade. We keep our vehicles a LOOOOONG TIME, under normal circumstances. Don't like car payments, true story.

No studio time, though. No studio time. AAARRRGGHHHHH!!! I'll be more than making up for that tonight!


Samantha said...

Ha ha - yes, I run my cars into the ground. Life is too short for all that negotiating, and then re-registering of docs and insurances etc.
Looking forward to seeing what you come up with tonight!!
Take it easy, chick.

Mel said...

Thanks for your luvly comments...I LOVE the idea of a Xena armband...perhaps a digital rendition to be handed out in times of need?