Saturday, March 7, 2009

Visual Journaling Self-Prompt Process, & Bird Symbology

This is an exercise I thought would show you how easy it is to change the mood of the page JUST by virtue of the focal image you choose. Identical backgrounds here, but a completely different sensation when you look at them, right? That's the magic of visual journaling -- the power of the images and their influence, and how you can use them to draw up your inner workings. I do this SO OFTEN, on a smaller scale (like on the same page in my written journal, side-by-side), to do a visual working of a pro/con situation, or something I have to make a choice about but feel very middle-of-the-road with. Very powerful tool for me. Hysteria. " 'Strike a pose.' No thank you. No posturing, no external bluff & bravado I can't back up inwardly. I like knowing, now, how much to reveal, or not -- the self (seen) so much closer to the self (felt). Now I recognize the trouble tangents and can lead myself mostly away from them -- because I know them for what they are, & I know who I am (or at least who I want to be). I don't any longer need to travel every road, follow every impulse -- I wait instead for the substance, the promise of learning & positive change. Thrills? Oh, always welcome, but not the twisted, tangled, headache-later variety. I want those that help me across the difficult thresholds my growth requires. I want the later reinforcement & internal tables turned & knowledge increased. The more I know, the more I can give BACK, pay FORward, SHARE! A gift, not to be only a taker, a receiver. Instead of challenging life, I challenge myself, & life answers, life fills my heart's knapsack with a true essence: ME. Balance. "Maturity is a blending tool -- a mix of experience & perspective with just the right amount of ongoing dreams & goals. What I know & understand about myself, now, has all been hard-won. I value it enormously & consider it an overriding beauty feature of my singular OWN. My humor & intuitive astuteness is well worth the stretch marks and loosening skin. My listening (& discerning) ability much preferred over fine lines around my eyes. My intellect & creativity far outweighing the frustrations of menopause. BALANCE. 47 years of myself on the roasting spit of life -- the seasoning makes me tender, well-turned, succulent, and to-be-hungered for, especially by ME. To be at peace in my own company, to be confident most of the time, to see where I may need to apply the flame for better self-preparation & to turn TO it, instead of dodging it -- welcoming the adjusting, the changes, the slow, but sure, refinement. Maturity hones the inner self, the truest indicator of my beauty. I've been doing a lot of writing about my attachment to birds as a personal symbol. Finally, this page emerged, with the most succinct explanation. It reads: "Although, ultimately, I am a mermaid, I have finally realized that on earth, I am a bird. With legs, but still not actually grounded. This is why birds are such a symbol for my soul. I am still soaring, through air currents instead of the tides of waters, still tasting all the flavors of the collective world, still freely moving."


Galloping Turtle said...

Very true. My favorite part of posting a blog entry is finding the perfect image to go with it. I've gone through hundreds of photos before I settle on one that captures the mood I'm going for.

Pamela McCarville said...

I seem to be seeing a lot of owls lately and ravens.

I love how you divided the page in two.