Friday, March 6, 2009

Written Journal Backgrounds - Moving Slowly

Oh! My! Goodness! This has been a strange Friday -- you people are such a good influence on me! I received an award; I attended a virtual party in a gorgeous virtual outfit (meaning I actually had time, on a Friday, to go virtual shopping!)! I also have already completed ALL my home chores -- my house is sparkling, smells wonderful (apple cinnamon candles), and the laundry is caught up. I don't recognize myself one iota, right now. The only thing I've done that rings true of a typical Friday is have a beer. The backgrounds you're about to see are from last night -- I'll be writing on them tomorrow! I'm listening to a featured Led Zeppelin special on the classic rock station; Zoe is purring in my lap, and dang! I FEEL GOOD!! This is nice, huh? The essence of it came from a card in an old magazine, then I personalized it ... the butterfly woman stamp came from Miss V's ETSY shop -- oooh I love love love this stamp. Panda deco tape -- there is a lot of deco tape to be found on various ETSY stores, by the way. Paper scraps for the rest. I really really like this part of the background (part 2 below). Rubber stamp image is a brand new one, from "I Brake For Stamps" (sorry, I don't have a link for you). Her collection of rubber is amazing! I had to stop browsing. I created the envelope myself, using Paper Wishes little thing called The Enveloper -- I LOVE THAT THING!!! I can create envelopes of so many different sizes, out of any kind of paper I want, using the template, and match whatever background I'm working on, or card I've created. Bliss!! I don't always have time to create 'mail art' out of the envelopes that accompany my cards -- The Enveloper is a huge huge time saver for me! The rest is paper scraps. This layout is loosely copied from a card featured in an old issue of Stamper's Sampler. I love using card layouts for journal backgrounds, instead, enlarging on and personalizing them. The little antiquey tags and the faces came from my favorite shop, The Tuscan Rose. Miss Veronica gifted me with the smallest size Xyron sticker-making gizmo, which I had to try out -- hence the brown swirlies, which came from the packaging on some items I had. Very cool gizmo, I have to say. My Lovely Mother has been bemoaning the lack of masculine stickers, so I told her to start cutting out small things and I'd create some stickers for her. She likes to use them on her envelopes to her vast male fan club (hee!)! The brown flap flips open, naturally, for more journaling behind it. Deco bird tape, a piece of scrap from the mail, a new journal sticker. Oh! One of my favorite on-line shops, The Scrap Diner, is having a March madness sale, which is where I just ordered some things. Everything in her 'Bargain Basement' (already on sale) is an additional 50% off through March 15th -- just type in the word MADNESS on the discount line when you go to check out. I watch for these sales so I can get a few rub-ons, journaling stickers, and stamp sets for an awesome discount!


skywind said...

Produced by very beautiful. Continue to work hard. :)
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Patty Mooney said...

These are simply grand. Patty