Monday, March 16, 2009

Stamps, Storage & A Stencil Class Alert!!

Between 40% off sales and a balance left on a gift card, I got these three stamp sets for the price of one. Booyang! See the Cat in the middle, on the left, with the curly-Q'ing tail? THAT is Zoe. 100%. Except when she's in her Wild Child mode (see bottom right stamp). I love Inkadinkadoo! Say hello to my little storage system -- heavy bond piece o'paper, 3-hole punched, hole reinforced with those little round stick-on circles, and a Federal Express label holder - et voila, plunk into a 3-ring binder. I got tired of paying for fancy shmancy doo-dads to accomplish the same thing. This works brilliantly, and the Fed Ex clear label holders are FREE. This is the size for USA packages; the international sized ones are much larger and hold the larger clear-stamp sets. Oh yea!

Finally: HEAR YE! HEAR YE!!! Mary Ann Moss, over at Dispatch from LA, is offering classes in Stencilry, a subject in which she is a certified genius [& trust me, this is not solely the opinion of Toni B.] ... go look here! Pray my money isn't too funny at sign-up time for me to participate.


Anonymous said...

I concur..she is an expert...

AND MIGHTY CLEVER with the fedex shipper holder thingy....NICE!