Sunday, March 1, 2009

Self Prompts (Continuing in the Kelly Kilmer Tradition)

The habit instilled by a month of daily prompts provided by Kelly Kilmer has extended, taken hold of me. It's a journaling form that relaxes me, and so far I've found myself returning to it nearly every day. This is a good thing, I think. So now I'm providing my own prompts, which isn't too very different from the manner in which I create my written journal backgrounds. And the journaling? That's actually the easy part, for me. Today, though, is March 1st, and my altered book project begins, so that will take priority. I'm still going to try to do these visual journal prompts at least twice a week, though, for a break, for a refresher, for FUN! One Thing I Envy About Men. "It seems to me that men get all the cool toys & gadgets, & somehow they just know what to do with them all. I'd rather wield a drill or a router than a blender any day. Vroom!" When Art is 'On', How Does It Feel? "sometimes, my art comes to me like the easy winged arc of a bird lifted by currents of air, & I soar, traverse, dive & coast, dip & tumble & play. Precious gift, art flight. & art flight is transformative, a ticket to anywhere, through anything -- it makes me weightless, it dissipates boundaries & hands me the entire sky. It's a comprehensive, all-inclusive vision that extends inward & outward." [window photo by Beth McWilliams, used by permission.]


cookievf said...

Hi Toni!
Mermaids, music and words... love that! And glad I popped over and found your blog.

I'm going to work on a much-overdue post now (and finish it later tonight), so I will be sure to return for a longer look!

I found you by googling "kelly kilmer workshop" and loved what I've seen here already! ..and now wondering where you found her journal prompts..

- vicki xo