Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Catch & Release

Multiple prompt action going on here ... started myself with a background color I don't much like, then marks in another color I don't much like, then a focal image that made me feel edgy & uncomfortable. My original idea was wanting to write down my fears at this point in my art-making journey, and I wanted a page that reflected that. Anyway, I wrote them on strips of equally indifferent, rather ugly paper and created the grid to 'pin down' the icky focal image.

My fear strips say:
I'm afraid of being unoriginal.
I'm afraid of always being just a copy-cat.
I'm afraid of looking stupid.
I'm afraid my 'voice' is too strong!
I'm afraid of judging myself too harshly.
I'm afraid of revealing things about myself that even I'm not ready to see.
I'm afraid of making dishonest art to hide behind.
I'm afraid my family will never be interested in my art.

I'm curious to know what some of your fear strips might say.

I used 2 birds die cut from an old French textbook to overlay on the fear images/words, because the birds are a personal symbol for me, rich with sensations of freedom and ability and play. I chose the French textbook because I know a different, bolder ME comes out when I speak French, or read it. At the bottom is a phrase, on PRETTY paper, that is me giving myself permission to make art in spite of fear. That strip says, "I gave her my ticket and passport." What could possibly be more perfect?


flowrgirl1 said...

i dont think you have to fear any of those things!!! Your creativity is awesome! What do i fear??? Hmmmm, i fear leaving this earth with unfinished business. thats my biggest! I fear that i really am not creative. I fear that my dreams will never be realized.

beth said...

I'm afraid if you and I spent a weekend together it wouldn't be long enough for all we'd want to do and the talking to be had !!

lee said...

I am afraid I really like your page. I like the grid and the way you werote on it and the birds and really original.

I am afraid of many things to:
I afraid to show my work to anyone I know in person
I am afraid people will say my work stinks
and so on and so on......isnt it funny we all have basically the same insecurities about our creative selves

Veronica said...

mine would say I am afraid of being without internet...

Que Sera, Sarah said...

I'm afraid that I do not reach my full potential because I am not confident in my ability to do so.

Amazing art piece. Thank you for sharing it.

P.S. ~ I tagged you with the Honest Scrap Award. See my blog for details.....

Larns said...

I LOVE this!!!