Thursday, March 5, 2009

2009 Calendar: March 2nd to 5th

My boss is -- uh, er, um -- challenging, in more ways than I can count or care to describe. This layout is absolutely about the last 2 days of last week, and all of this week, and the dynamic at work. Off to the side is a photo of Marquis Cooper, because his predicament was a much-needed reality check for me in the midst of my annoyed Pity Party.

The prompt was 'make a paper doll'. Well -- uh, er, um -- I'm just not a paper doll kinda woman, never was. I mean, I used my Barbie dolls as victims of Tonka Truck rollovers and full-sized G.I. JOE bombings -- so you can see my struggle. But I did what I could -- I found a cool photo that would make an even cooler paper doll if I had the slightest of paper doll skills, and began with her on the spread.


Wabbit said...

LOL, my doll skills were limited to building houses and making entire wardrobes for my sister's Barbie. I would much rather have been wearing those creations myself than putting them on a stupid Barbie!

The Sports Fan used to set his GI Joe on fire.

skywind said...

Ha ha, very funny. But my first question about the female nude little people? LOL.

Health is the Greatest Happiness & The World at The Present

beth said...

Oh we would have fun playing together as kids...because I, unlike you, loved my barbie dolls and I can hear all the screaming now....just thinking about you and the dolls and the tonka makes me laugh !

Paula said...

OMG Toni this is TOO hilarious! When my Barbie wasn't being used as a bride to either Paul, John or Ringo, and swooning in dead faints of passion from the porch down into the bushes, I also tortured my Barbie dolls! I still have Barbie, Midge, Skipper and Scooter. My Barbie's so old her legs don't even bend. She's worth some bucks. I'm glad I didn't torture her TOO horribly.

Holly said...

LMAO! Poor Barbie. Now, this is where you and I do diverge a bit. Because, although, I hated paper dolls and dolls in general, (Much more a plush animal sorta' girl,) I loved my Barbie. I still have her and the few clothes I got upstairs in a small suitcase. I kept all her shoes together in a little clear box. I simply loved her. Maybe for the same reason I adore Audrey Hepburn? I thing of ethereal beauty? Like playing with a goddess? Who knows? I just really go along with Barbie. Very oddly, enough. But you and the Tonka Trucks? Prolly what the b***h deserved!!!!!