Friday, March 27, 2009

SoulCollage - Soundtrack

Have been sitting quietly on the patio, amid the bursts and gusto of wind that joined me last night ... and when I reenter my studio, this is the CD I'm playing, over and again.

Two songs are stand-outs for me: Morning Dew and The Last Time I Saw Her. This CD summons some of the best elements of Led Zeppelin but has a strong individual flavor of Plant ... just good strong medicine for my inward probing.


Anonymous said...

Love me some Zep..will check this out for sure!

Kathy said...

Very cool! I've been listening to a Suzanne Vega CD I just bought on I originally bought it as an album years ago. Very powerful, very meaningful. I'm glad you have found a soundtrack that is tracking with your current frame of heart and mind!! :-)


Carla said...

I am definitely going to listen to this! LedZep is one of my very favorite bands!! Love Plants new stuff!

Pamela McCarville said...

I have always had a HUGE crush on Robert Plant.

And I love the cover art. Makes me wish we still had albums.