Wednesday, May 27, 2009

La Belle Journal

I've started the backgrounds for a new journal. This time, I'm working on loose heavy bond sheets, which I'll bind at the END of completing the backgrounds. I want to try wire-binding for easier opening, and access for writing (lay flat!) I've been working on these since I mailed off My Queen, Holly's completed journal. Words. Windblown. Vandalia. Up At the Villa Totally Strong. Timeless Beauty. One of my first 3 Julification attempts, which I despised, and look at it now. Wowza. Summer Sunday. Shabby Chandelier. Moonscape. (one of my Julification pages). Ciera found this brochure/booklet thingie in the neighbor's yard (vacant house), perfectly weathered, splattered, paint smeared ... so I used one of the pages here. (Thanks, Ciera Beara!) Ledger Laundry. June. Hello? Garden. Dragonfly. Creme de Menthe. Candy Wrappers.


Holly said...

You simply blow me away...the fertile nature of your cranium...just flippin' amazin'

Samantha said...

Hey, the backgrounds are back!! Hurrah. I love these. I greedily want all of them. If you put your stuff on Etsy I would so buy it, and pay the expensive postal rates from the States.

May all your dreams come true today (coz it's Wishcasting Wednesday, but I've not been in on the wishing yet). Bright Blessings.