Saturday, May 30, 2009

4401 East Bobfather

The depressed economy + a great foreclosed property + (mostly) LOVE have seen my oldest bro, The Bobfather, do something he has sworn for the last couple of decades he would never do: purchase a house. Bobfather is a straightforward, very simple guy with simple space needs, and to-date disdained the many blisses of homeownership (weed whacking/lawn mowing, A/C filter changing, bathtub leak caulking, every Wednesday night at Home Depot, etc.) for apartment living with just him and my nephew, call the landlady when a problem reared its head, and spare time for guitar-playing and The Sopranos watching. Then came a lovely senorita from Hermosillo, and a year+ later? See below!

Today, my entire clan gathered for truck loading, box packing, and getting as much SHITE as possible from Point Apartment to Point 4401 E. Bobfather. Numerous other relatives, realizing what a Monumental Event this is, asked me to be sure to take photos, so you're getting as many as I could possibly sneak in between unloading boxes! Tomorrow, more Clan action, getting the rest of the big stuff moved, and cleaning. [To say I am sore would be a drastic understatement -- I can work like a machine UNLESS I happen to sit down; then it takes an act of Congress to get me back upright.] SOLD!!! SOLD!!!! GO, BOBFATHER! Here it is! 4401 East Bobfather! So exciting! Gigantic yard, front and back, in need of MUCH TLC. But boy, when it's TLC'd, it's going to be luscious. And my very own Double BB happens to be one of those guys who loves applying TLC to outdoor spaces. Enough pictures, Bone! Let's go get another load! My nephew's room, in the front of the house. So light! These shelves were added when the water heater went to live in the laundry room. All my family and I love these kinds of little nooks, built-ins, oddities. Cool place for extra storage, and who doesn't always need more of that? Main bathroom on the front side of the house, to be shared by little Florencia [My Love, Ciera's, BFF] and my nephew, Alex. Sink and shower/bath. Love the tile. Long end of the L-shaped Hermosillo Room - which is kind of a second living room which we suspect might have been used as the master bedroom in a past life. This is actually perfect for the different uses: TV, computer/office station for Bobfather, an art corner. On the opposite end, off the short side of the 'L', is a guest bedroom that also has arcadia doors leading to the back yard. This is going to be walled in on the Hermosillo Room side, and opened up in Bobfather's 'master' to create a closet in that room. Currently there is none for him or his senorita there. The closet (next photo) in the Hermosillo Room will serve for his clothes, for now, pending renovations. One more Hermosillo Room closet, likely to become Art Central for the youngest member of the household, Miss Florencia! This is a half bath between the kitchen alcove and the 'Hermosillo Room' (so named because Bobfather's love is from Hermosillo, Mexico.) The bath is accessible from both the alcove and the Hermosillo Room. I just happened to like the sink! For now, appliances remain. A counter is going to go in to allow for prep, stove-side, fridge is also located just right of the stove for now. The kitchen: dated, small, not so much counter space, NOT the selling point of the house whatsoever, but ideas abound and Bobfather will make it right -- he's a chef-by-passion and the chief cook in the household, so that area will be addressed muy pronto! This is an alcove between the kitchen and Bobfather's master bedroom. The fridge is already relocated to live beside the stove. This alcove is going to become more of a pantry/prep area. Tub in the 'master' bath. I covet this tub. I also love the tile. There is SO much light in this bathroom -- actually, in the entire house. Awesome. Door between garage and house, but this door is being moved to the front of the house. Double pedestal sinks overlooking the HUGE back yard, in what will be the master bath. I wanted to get artsy fartsy with these -- no time. Built-ins in the room Bobfather will be using as the 'master'. He, like ALL my family, is a book fiend ... these will be jam packed as soon as he unpacks! I just liked this door inset. Didn't have time to get artsy fartsy with it like I wanted. Laundry/water heater room, just inside the garage. Garage. Except this is where my nephew, Alex's, band Trinsik will rehearse. Both the garage door AND the side doors open. Kinda weird, kinda cool. The garage is on the side of the house that backs up to a street, so the band runs no risk of irritating neighbors. Corner built-ins in the alcove between the master bedroom and the kitchen. Our happy homeowner! Oh! He has such a Bruce Willis grin, doesn't he?


lee said...

It looks like a very cool house....and I love how you described everything, the pictures were great. Dont you just love seeing what is in other peoples spacecs.

beth said...

there is nothing better than having a home...congrats to go ice those sore muscles !

Holly said...

Home Sweet Bob-o Home! Congrats and I hope each day he drives up, he realizes what a wonderful return on his investment in his life he just made!!!!

Alison said...

I LOVE looking at houses! Thanks for the tour. :-)

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

Congrats to the Bobfather!! May the love and laughter of your family fill those walls for many years to come!

PS-I love design and realty. No really, I need a patch to ween me off, send me to the Betty already.

You just made my day. Love the built in bookcase, and the bathroom, and the windows and spacey rooms...Good job, Bobfather!
And what color will Miss C's room be?