Thursday, May 28, 2009

Speaking Volumes without Sound

This, by far, is my favorite Julification technique to-date ... because I am a texture fiend AND a vintage wallpaper fiend and this turns the page into something that offers both feels. I'm still watching the videos at work and taking notes, then reviewing them at home without sound, but THIS technique resonated! Take 1. I don't think I like the drips, ever, on any page, but certainly not on these pages. I'm using Bombay inks with a deliberate 'vision' in mind but it's not happening -- yet. Take 2. Just not feeling the drips, at all. Still using Bombay inks and fiddling with rubbing it mostly off. But oh this luscious TEXTURE!!! Take 3. Still using Bombay Ink drips, then 'distressing' them mostly OFF the page. Awesome texture effects, though.

All the ephemera/images on all of these pages is from my bubbling fountain of wonder & generosity, Beth!


beth said...'re using some of the goodies I sent you!
I like a few in the first photo...but lots of drips make me they are dripping, try spraying them with water from a water bottle and see what happens :)

JonesMoore said...

What fun!!

Anonymous said...

Beth took the words out of my mouth... I love these, Toni B! The india inks might be too highly concentrated.. I vote for a water mist over them too!

Samantha said...

I'm fascinated with this creative process you've got going, but my curiosity is running wild - please tell me, what is Julification? and there was something else I wanted to ask, but I have forgotten ..... duh!

I like the colours on these ones a lot.


Oh, I went in an art shop today that I've never been in before, a little independent one, so I thought I could start asking the woman some of my many many questions about paints and mediums and stuff. Well, I asked a coupla things and then she just started getting all wound up, speaking to me like I was an idiot! So rude. I won't be spending any money there! But I'm still none the wiser about fluid acrylics and distress inks. Hey ho.