Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SP Wednesday - Shadow Plumage

Puts me in mind of my most favorite question of all time: "Who says mermaids can't tango?" Plumage photos inspired by my new friend, Basil, who arrived to join my flock on Mother's Day. Basil hails from Georgia and is certain she knows Cam over at Journey Wildly. She flew over to these parts to escape the Georgia humidity, but is already making under-the-beak comments about the measly size of our mosquitos. She's been coming outside with me to my patio roost since she got here -- doesn't she look great perched on my Aqua Love Letter journal?

And all you WONDERFUL idea-mongers ... wow!

Rebecca - body parts and a mirror -- I went thru my entire house and the ONLY good mirror is in my oldest male child's room -- he and his lady friend happened to be in there. But I've made a mental note. Misty Mawn (who is the reason I'm doing this) does the coolest doggone things with parts of her face ... I'm just worried about the flash effect! but maybe something equally unique will come out of that, too.

Peaches - oh, man, the idea of laying in a circle of things that express who I am? I see a whole series of mandalas coming out of THAT idea, but I'll have to have someone else shoot the picture. I figure if I'm composing the background, my own pose, and directing the angles of the shots, it's technically a self portrait, right? GREAT IDEA!!! Have you done it? If so, where can I see it?

Rose - that whole heat-imprint idea has got me drooling -- the hot/cool body areas, which to me would definitely INCLUDE my aura. This gave me an idea to do a small book ... thanks!

Julie/Patty - I did two shots of my reflection in a window on the patio -- I wanted to see how I liked it. They turned out fine, just boring (I didn't work very hard on original posing). I want to try the window thing again when Zoe is perched on the INSIDE window ledge, kind of merge my reflection with her outline. Anyway, now I know this is a good self portrait street to go down -- really want to try this in a rain water puddle -- if it rains here ever again!

Beth - 'scuse me? Lissen, Woman, you're in possession of a MAC!! BUST A MOVE, WENCH!! PUT THAT THANG IN DRIVE ... I iz waitin'! Otherwise I'ma hafta seriously edit the -- er -- 'level' of Javier photos I send yer way!


beth said...

I love love love your feathers and with the size of those, they should be able to move you at lightning speed right off the ground and hall your feathery ass over to javier's where you two can flit all over his nest !!!

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

Yes, I believe I have met Basil.

She was goin' on and on' with all the other birds about flying the coop, so I said, "Just do it, honey! Hell, I did it, and look at this silly grin I keep wearin'"

Tell her Cam said, "Hi-dee!"


If Javier's lady ever gets wind of you two, someone will have some 'splainin' to do! Ha Ha!