Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tonifying the Julification (didya get that?)

Experiment: I clear resist stamped a starfish image all over the bare page, heat set them, then started the process. The images 'resisted' only through the second layer of paint, then disappeared. Maybe using REALLY REALLY light colors would allow them to peek through. No experiment -- straight and LOVELY Julification here! Experiment: embed the text from a Hebrew newspaper. I wanted this to look like a weather-beaten poster on a painted plaster wall. The drips are yellow and brown Bombay Inks -- I scorched the yellow with my heat gun to the bubbling point. Lots of scratches and marks in the paint layers. I! Love! This! Page! Experiment: Stamp image then embossed with interference blue. Once the paint layers started going on, I just impressed the same stamp into the paint for the texture. It looks/feels like old wallpaper. I also tried letting small misted amounts of water rest in the corners before wiping them away, and got a bit of cool mottled effect. Experiment: I used a liquid resist meant for fabric (I cannot for the life of me remember the name of it) to create the outlines of the squiggly dark blue shapes. I heat set them before commencing to paint. The outlines showed through all the paint layers UNTIL I used the acrylic glaze to blend the blue into the green, then they seemed to blur/flatten, although I can still feel where they are (slight elevation). The darker drips are purple Bombay Ink.


Vale said...

Toni, I have seen paintings like your "starfish" piece hanging in art galleries. Your finished product is absolutely stunning, very luminous!
Vale :)