Wednesday, May 6, 2009

B-B-B-B Bad to the B-B-B-Backgrounds

16 pages/32 backgrounds to go ... rollin', rollin', rollin'!!! High.Print of a canvas I did, deco tape, remainder of the child's calendar page. There's an insert behind the canvas scan for journaling. Fun. Baby photo from The Tuscan Rose, but photocopied then transferred with a Coptic marker. Telephone dial image also from the Tuscan Rose. My photo of the grapefruit. Stickers, deco tape. Fun, right? By Request. Holly wanted an image of me in this book. Voila. Photos by my youngest male child, last summer. I love the one on the right, but the left one? Flashing my non-existent cleavage for all the world to see ... let's just focus on the cool head wrap, eh, what? These are what you see when you lift the 'Between the Lines' flap, above post. All in the Attitude I used the crow as a stencil earlier - can't throw away a perfectly good crow mask, eh? And the sassy little wench on his wing - they seemed to make a good pair. He is sifting the waters for river music to accompany her number. Notes. Wrapping paper scrap, library pocket full of little strips, each with a message of inspiration, rubber stamp images and ribbon. Believe In Magic. This is a direct rip-off of a greeting card I saw in a magazine. And the lettering has already started rubbing off my little tapes - pffft. No Llores (Don't Cry) Frida images are irresistible to me - she was SO FIERCE. Ribbon, paper, rub-ons, scrap. Frida lifts for journaling behind. Be Yourself. Everyone Else is Taken. A page inspired by Beth of the blog by the same name. She's always on fire - I love that in a friend and artist! Matchbook from a collection, magazine photo, doodle template, paper scrap, rub-ons. Used my heat gun to 'burn' parts of the page -- a nod to my inner firebug!!


Holly said...

You are there! Hooray! You are there!!!!! And, Beth, too! Could not be better...but then again, you're not done yet....

Journey Wildly said...

Toni- I love those pictures! You look like a faery or wood sprite!

We would have so much fun as neighbors! We could get into so much mischief together. The other neighbors might get nervous after days upon days of maniacal laughter coming from behind the fences, but we would love it!

PS-there is an awesome house for sale three houses down from me. Ya know, just in case you are house hunting here in south Georgia.

Yeeeahhh...I wouldn't give up where you live either. ;)

beth said...

a page...inspired by mwah ?

thank you sweetie...I love it !
and those pics of you...javier would scoop you up and run off into the sunset with you in his arms !!!

Samantha said...

Loving Frida and loving you. Simple as that. You are fierce and brave.