Wednesday, May 6, 2009

San Xavier Mission - Journal Entry 3 - Expanse

Spirituality is expanse,
& forgetting the head inside myself ... tossing thoughts like doves to the air,
& just seeing,
just being. Groans my blood, to let go! to lance expectations! Vision unweighted by thought -- can I do it? See there? Sun kissed & shimmering -- feel that. See there? broad & open -- be that! There is always renewal. There is ever restoration. Answers are mere travelers, welcome sometimes but not always perfectly timed, or complete. Doubts are unopened buds -- just WAIT, for once, leave them alone, look beyond the current disappointment to the vista of history. 300 years to come to this -- you're barely 1/6th of the way to that -- it's hubris, your arrogance, all this questioning. Offer what you have in this moment of time -- lend your own journey to the horizon of this timeless place. Merge. Connect. Join. Belong. Then relax and LAUGH!


Holly said...

These are beautiful. I call Michael, My Lion...I wish I had seen this picture and taken it. I know what I'd be giving him for Father's Day or better still, his birthday. Perhaps I will find a Lion soon to share with you.

Your fav blog? I don't see a I wrong?