Monday, May 18, 2009

Of Weddings & Sharks

This just in from my bro', Chris: "I don't know if you all remember "C" --- Christine's oldest niece. She was always mine and Christine's favorite and she is a really sweet and caring young lady. She got married on Saturday in Grandma "C's" back yard. She married a guy from Sweden named Heinrich. It was neat because most of his family and friends flew in from Stockholm and they were all really nice. The theme was blue & yellow (the Swedish flag). The altar was also the bar. HA

Ciera looked gorgeous in her blue dress."

[It just melts my heart how he notices that kind of thing about Ciera. And SAYS it, not just to us but to Ciera. All the time. Way right-on Daddy behavior, Chris!] My Love, Ciera on the left, with two of her cousins. Ciera looks like a summer breeze! Chris added, "Ciera got this shark Slip-N-Slide for her birthday. It's pretty cool." Safely past those jaws! Oh my. Sweet Patchy. I confess to having had a laughing attack when I saw this picture. And after, Patchy chills on the safety of Chris's recliner!


Cam@Journey Wildly said...

Those dresses are so cute! I love them! Very cool!

If you can't take your best friend down a slip n' slide with you, then where's the fun?

I bet he was dog tired.

*sigh* yes, bad Cam. bad joke.

Holly said...

How pretty are those girls and those dresses?! And, I do love that last shot a lot! Who couldn't love that face. BTW, your niece? She looks like you a great deal!

Toni said...

Holly, you just made me cry -- she DOES look like me, I just feel so narcissistic (spelling?) saying that, and she doesn't ALWAYS ... but man oh man, I have to admit I love it when people mistake her for my daughter, even though I never let that error go on for long.