Tuesday, May 5, 2009

7 Angels on a Bicycle, and Looking for Elvis

Carrie Rodriguez, "Seven Angels on a Bicycle" (video wouldn't load) I love this song, listen to it twice a day at least while at work.

Looking for Elvis - Patti Scialfa -- here's the link if the stoopid video upload doesn't work; I'm just learning how to do that. Such a cool song, too!

f'get it, video uploading ain't happnin' for me today.


Holly said...

Looking for Elvis...well, I can't tolerate him so against my better judgement, (but I should always trust yours,) I clicked and it worked. Heard the song...looked over and LAUGHED cause the words were in Spanish! Don't know why that tickled me except that it was unexpected. Like being in love with you, unexpected but so very enriching!