Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

I LOVE SURPRISES!!!! Especially those so spectacularly timed! I'm not a woose (really)(well, ok, sometimes) but my Julification pages have had me pretty disgruntled. Lo! The wizard of poetry and play, Ms. Patty Mooney, of A Diary Left Open, sent me THIS award. Suddenly, I'm feeling an injection of renewed enthusiasm -- forget 'instant gratification' and go with the flow! TRY AGAIN! PRACTICE! And let it be, Ms. T!

I am to name six things for which I'm grateful, and also forward this award to six awesome blogs/bloggers.

Ah, gratefulness:
1. My male children, for energy & wit & cracking me up ALL THE TIME, and keeping me on my toes and for being so gorgeous they literally take my breath away - my oldest male child for the smile that undoes me, no matter what, and my youngest male child for his unique & fierce amber eyes and his cure-all forehead kisses.
2. Javier Bardem, for keeping me -- well -- uh -- ticklish.
3. Beth, Holly, Veronica, Sam, Alison for a recent counsel that kept me straight-headed and healed my heart.
4. Rain, today and any time, for the ambient internal and external moods and accompaniment.
5. Double BB for being so wonderful, so gorgeous, so damned difficult, so REAL. We keep at it!
6. Journals, can't imagine breathing without them.

And worthy blogs -- oh! I am SO predictable, but I'm on my same Blog Avenue in my happy Bloglandia Neighborhood, because they are so nourishing to me ...
1. Beth
1. Cam
1. Holly
1. Sam
1. Julie
1. Carla
1. Veronica

I love you women ... please accept this award like an invite for cupcakes, bubble blowing & liquid refreshment (whatever you desire) ... along with furniture jumping in my backyard 'furniture garden'. Possibly a food fight, probably some slip-n-slide action with Ciera.


Holly said...

I am honored....and you do the very same for me! Thanks Toni!

beth said...

you crack me up....
my physical therapist would cringe if I did the slip and slide....yikes !

so I'll sit quietly with my bubbles and a pina colada and thank you for being so amazing !!!

and the cheap-o acrylics are just fine for painting what you're painting....no need to spend money at dick blick...michaels, joannes and hobby lobby will work perfectly and save you money !!!

Samantha said...

hey, furniture jumping in the backyard would be just my thing! You're a star ~ keep your twinkle bright.

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

You do realize that if we all got together one day, it would be mass hysteria and our guts would be sore from laughter long after we said our Goodbyes?

I'm with Beth on the Pina Coladas. Mmmm...coconut.

I'll take her spot on the Slip n' Slide. And then, probably, the appointment with her PT too.

Thank you, Toni. You know how much you mean to me? More than these words can say. You are a friend of mine.

Anonymous said...

An award well deserved...great work!

Patty Mooney said...

You totally rock, girlfriend! Keep up the great work.

Carla said...

I love you too, Toni!!