Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Poetry Burst

drafts (or maybe not) that burst outta me the second I got comfortable on my patio roost when I got home tonight.

Mojo [I walk by the basketball hoop, laying sideways in the grass, every night - which tonight caught my brain somehow]

my mojo collapses,
a sideways pole, drooling
lethargic coils from
my spineless rim.
Color silhouettes twist in
blanched twine, and
hopscotch vowels vacant as delay.
Stress is the leather orb,
obligations sewn tight
in calendar winces,
looting my shots of
aimed pondering -
air ball! air ball!
arcing over writhing ideas,
illuminating cages recoiling exit.
Patterns of play
mimic plundered leftovers
resonating dead rebound.
Unlaced fragments string
my outlaw concepts to
drain pipe feet
leaking grace & frolic.
Creativity takes a pass
but intercepts ricochet --
my brain loops a
free throw backward
& lays up debris.


My panoramic center bans close-ups;
my airborne lagoon brags paint.
In practical moments,
I privately carve my own
plasma-&-pulse realms.
I believe in garage finesse &
skinny-dipping eruptions --
all is sea,
all is sword,
all is savory.
Boundaries diminish before
hydrangea compost,
fragrant with
Elvis panic and sheer vice.
I'll have my whiskey lust &
swarthy va-va-voom.
I only groom my largesse,
hording shaved balance
like chips of Parmesan
for daily hum-drum pasta
plate passings.


-- If I could wholly 'splain, I would. I just know I was fighting b.s. today at work [being tucked into behavior boxes (again, always)], that I was rabid with energy and ideas, and that Holly and I had a discussion about Elvis.

Usually I just splatter these kind of bursts into my poetry drafts composition book and go back to them, or borrow lines from them for journal entry titles, or never think about them again. I thought it would be kinda curious to share the output of my mind without editing! Good luck!


beth said... were full of words and thoughts tonight...amazingly so !

Holly said...

Thank you. Thank you very much...

Skinny dipping eruptions....I love that!!!!!!!!!!!

darnold23 said...

Thanks for sharing!

Journey Wildly said...

You write like that often?

Why are we just now seeing that?

Well, I'm relatively new here, so have you shown this before, and if yes, why not lately?

You holding out on us?

Am I gonna have to shake you down for some more smooth liquid imagery like that?

Cause I will. I totally will.