Monday, May 11, 2009

Engaging Personalities

I had ants in my pants BAD yesterday afternoon ... so I hopped into Double BB's truck (my youngest male child was in possession of my car!) and went gallivanting. First stop, Michaels, with $20 from My Lovely Mother in hand. K&Co happily took it all, new paper mat stacks. Next stop, Payless -- I'm on a hunt for green sandals ... do you think there exists such a pair? Not yesterday. As I left, I happened to notice an antique mart next door - big sign saying 50% off Everything - Relocating ... well well well! After three hours of joyously getting lost as I looked at every single thing, I came out with these cabinet cards and the French textbook, and a couple of other things too big to scan. There was a Deco cabinet, more like a buffet, that I must have gone back to look at 281 times ... I mean, I have room on my one and only credit card, but I just couldn't justify it, didn't know where it would live once I brought it home, and I NEVER use credit cards no matter how tempted I am ... I want to go back with my Daddy-O Cam and at least take it's picture. sigh. mmmmmmm. And I passed up a red feather boa, too, but I might get it when I go back.

If you want to download any of these engaging personalities, or the book cover, please go right ahead. Little Lord. Little Lady. Le Francais Idiomatique, published 1895. Pages delicate as dust ... ohhhh I love it! Sisters. Siblings.


cinner said...

Hi Toni, it sounds like it was a great store. I think you need the boa for sure! I Admire that you never use your credit cards..I try only for emergencies, like I said I try. It is a good thing I don't shop much anymore since I got sick, cause I could be TROUBLE, especially in an antique store. loved the photos!

beth said...

I'm telling you....SOON, I will get my ass in gear and send you some goodies so you can spend your money on other goodies, as I have soooooo much of what you love and I'm not using it !!!

Alison said...

I would love to read that book!

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

So, would it be too weird to say that I love that dress on the lady in the last picture on the right?

Cause I totally do. She looks kinda feisty too, doesn't she?

Glad to see your new treasures. There is nothing I like better than second (or third or fourth) hand stuff! The older the better!

Veronica said...

And I am now the proud owner of two of these cards and the book...woo hoo thank you miss t I love them