Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Renee Award

I received this from Cinner, at "THINGS ABOUT WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE AND WHY - Life Through My Eyes". Coming from her, it means an enormous amount -- this is a place that captures 'keeping it real' for me, in the honest way our minds work, but always with a point that puts me on pause. Thank You!

I'm not sure I have the rules right except to forward the award to those who inspire me, which I'll do below. Meanwhile, can someone tell me what the origins of this award are? I believe I read it somewhere, fairly recently, but can't recall on whose blog I saw it.

Inspiration -- my sources for/of that are very consistent lately; these names will NOT surprise you.
1. Lee, at Defining Me.
2. Sam, at The Everyday Witch
3. Holly, at Your Mother Knows But Won't Tell You
4. Cam, at Journey Wildly
5. Lisa, at La Vida Artistica
6. Shreve, at The Daily Coyote
7. Carla, at Paper Pastorale
8. Beth, at Be Yourself Everyone Else is Taken

Kudos and Hats-Off to all you wonderful creative women!!


Holly said...

You inspire me, so I suppose we are in the middle of a love fest here!...

cinner said...

All the info on the renee award is on chars blog from Ramblins. Take Care.

beth said...

aw shucks woman !!!
you inspire me all the time and you know it !!!

when oh when are we ever going to meet face to face...I pray for that day to come !!!