Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Background Badonkadonk

Only 20 more backgrounds to do in Holly's book -- the spine cracked so I can continue to scan and post. I'll tape the bejeezuz out of it once I'm done, per usual! Not to Scale. This image (out of a Pier I flyer) is where I wanted to be early Saturday morning, and the dog reminded me of Holly's dog-tales ... what a fresh, sweet page! Dream Travel. Directly from a dream I had. Truck image from The Tuscan Rose. Paper napkins are the flowery background and beneath that a shop drawing/blueline sheet from work. Felty scrap piece from a swap. Sari. One of my cherished rubber stamp images. Fed Ex plastic envelope. Inside is a doctored-up fold-out thingie that came in the mail to my youngest male child. Being as it was purple, and Holly loves purple, I absconded with it for journal use. Childlike.Art from a calendar, tag & polka dot deco tape from a package I got from Ms. Juliana Coles. Gibson Girl. Center right, new rubber stamp image. Exterior of envelope. Interior of envelope. Rubber stamp image from Veronica's ETSY called Keeping watch ... wallpaper scraps from Patty, vintage envelope from my collection. 1894 -- that just slays me!


Holly said...

I have very rarely ever said this in my life, but I feel I need to say it now. "I am not worthy." Really, I'm overwhelmed and don't feel worthy of such wonderful work. You astound me.

And, that keeping watch image? I've lusted aftet that stamp for a long time. I should have known that you, my sister, would have it.

cinner said...

Toni, they are just beautiful and on every page I saw a bit of Holly. And what a memory you have!You are so talented.Have a great Day.