Friday, May 8, 2009

Goodbye Sweet Snowflake

Just in from my bro', Chris: "Snowflake died today .... Was very sad for us. She really was the best hamster ever. So sweet and patient with Ciera.

I found her curled up in her food bowl dead. When I broke it to Ciera her face just dropped. We got Snowflake almost exactly 2 years ago (Ciera's 6th birthday present). So The Flake had a nice, long life.

I'll never forget how Ciera held her and smooshed her for hours and hours every day. Snowflake would just lick Ciera's thumb. She never bit Ciera out of meanness (only when Ciera's hands smelled like food!).

The one picture is of Ciera saying a prayer to Snowflake's body. We buried her next to Shabba in the back yard.

Sweet Sniffing Flakelet ... she really bonded with Ciera - blew ALL my hamster stereotypes away. We all loved to watch her nose, how fast it moved as she sniffed, and her little paws ducking over her head when she cleaned herself. The Flake. Oh, I'm SAD!!!

Dear Ones? If any of you would like to make a card for My Love, Ciera, please email me and I'll tell you where to mail it. And thanks!


Holly said...

That last picture, Toni, is the best thing I'v seen in a long time. Email me her address: I'll send her something when I get back next week from the conference.

Carla said...

I'll send her a card! I loved all my hamsters!

beth said...

we had so many hamsters growing mom felt terrible each time one died, so off we would go to buy a new one....we were all suckers that way with any living creature !!

I even raised frogs...from the bathroom !!! that I think about parents were great when I was a kid !!!

send me her address !!!