Friday, May 8, 2009

Soul Nourishment

Go visit Mary Ann's blog. Then watch the video she made, which her post today links to. Then try to come down from all the floating visceral lush imagery. I dare ya. Or you can stay up there with me, soaring.


Joyce said...

What a great video. I could almost feel the energy from the ocean. Very beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.

Vale said...

'Afternoon Toni!
I came across Mary Ann's site last week. Isn't she an inspiration!?! Absolutely amazing works she creates. My "visual journal" posting of May 5 on my blog was actually inspired by her.
I've been having major issues with my computer this week; it keeps shutting down at random. So now I must catch up on what my dear amazing artist friend "Toni" has been creating this week! lol Have a really nice weekend, Toni!
Vale :D

soulbrush said...

you are right, she is amazing1 just posted two new collage cards, damned hard project this...why the hell did i ever start it???