Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In Need of Ideas

Tomorrow is Self Portrait Wednesday.
I'm so bloody bored with my SPs.
Any ideas?
I don't have a shutter release.
I don't have any kind of timer.
I don't want to get so frustrated that I STOP taking SPs, cuz I think it's good for me (pushes me outta my boundaries and comfort zone).
But I won't keep it up if I stay bored.


Rebecca Lynch Photography said...

Try body parts(hands, feet, an eye, etc.), use a mirror. Try a more open interpertation of self-portrait, look at your enviroment, what makes you you.

Hope the ideas help. I never did like self-portraits. I did a series for a final project and I used a mirror.


Peaches said...

Hi Toni,
Try these backgrounds/locations:
In front of the open frig
In front of the open frig closet
Lie in a circle of things that express who you are.

Rose said...

Try thinking about the body in a different way:

draw it by heat - which bits would be hotter or colder.

draw just the shadows.

draw the aura that might be around you.

Vale said...

Hi Toni!
Is this an online thingy, or part of a class you are taking? I don't know if you have any "rules" to adhere to, but the first thing I envisioned was a "Teesha Moore" kind of style...using one of the photos of your face on your blog, & cutting out Toni style apparel from scraps of fancy papers, & arms and legs out of newsprint or a printed page from an old book, making your face bigger/out of proportion to your body. Anyhow, that's what came to mind! lol I love your SPs, and wish I had the guts to take some, but the camera isn't kind to me!
Vale :D

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

The ideas I had have already been covered, so I will just say...

Ooohh...*girlie squeal followed by girlie dance* I can't wait to see what you come up with!

patty said...

how 'bout a series of SP done with reflective surfaces. Like a shiny bumper or a reflection from a window...just a thought

beth said...

OMG...I was just saying the same thing to the hubster....what am I going to do for tomorrow !!

Anonymous said...

reflections...look for anything that gives you a reflection.

skywind said...

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