Thursday, February 12, 2009

Written Journal Backgrounds starting to Morph

Glass paint, ribbon. I wanted fish and bird images, so just googled illustrations, drawings, etc. Love this one. Some paper from the Chinese market. Glass paint. Ribbon. I googled 'free henna designs' and got quite a few different patterns and shapes. Cool! Stamps from my collection; magazine image. The paint is 'Gallery Glass' paint; I love the sheen, and it takes pens beautifully! The bird was also on the free henna designs page. More stamps from my collection.

My written journal backgrounds are moving me to somewhere new ... presently I'm just following along, while still insisting on SOME space to write an actual journal entry. Curious to see what's happening, here.


Melissa Barrett-Traister said...

This is so wonderful!
Thanks for sharing! :)