Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February Prompts #3 and #4

Prompt #3.I substituted my yellow and magenta Bombay inks for those paint colors, where suggested, and I am thrilled with the results. I don't have any more magenta paint -- Michael's run on my horizon! I've carried this image around with me for umpteen years and it's perfect here. I confess: what I'm discovering with these prompts is that I want the backgrounds in my written journal, for later, for longer journal entries. This is a wonderful exercise to learn the color combinations, though. This page is my favorite of the 4 I've done so far. Prompt asked about a silly time or reason someone was mad at me. It took me forever to think of anything, which I was quite pleased about, also! Prompt #4. Hmm. Well, I confess I wasn't too unhappy about covering up this background. The crumpled house photo is a blown up copy of an old B&W photo in my stash; these homes were in England, the remains of a serious flood. [Thanks to my work buddy, Greg, for the original.] I DO like the polka dot vellum overlay (I didn't have a transfer page/paper) and blue dotted paper ... prompt was about what comforts me. I forgot to write BACK MASSAGES (one of which will be mine tonight, thanks Double BB!).


Carla said...

You get a back rub tonight?? I'm jealous!! The pages are cool!! Do you need vellum? I'm afraid I have enough to last me the rest of my life! Send me your addy (again), and I'll send you some!!

beth said...

who are you and what have done with toni ??

{love seeing words on your pages, girlfriend !}