Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our Small Wonderful World

So many new visitors -- thanks, hello, have fun!

I wanted to take advantage of this increased level of -- visibility? connection? to say a particular hello to anyone who visits from:

Venice or San Gimignano, Italy

I would welcome pen pals (electronic or otherwise) in those places, as they have held a lifelong fascination for me. You can email me at


previously.bitten said...

as another new visitor - hello. You have a lovely design here.

Vicki Lansen said...

I love the layout of your blog (not to mention content). I am new to blogging and am restricted to formats provided on blogger. Anyway, off subject...I am living in Patagonia, Chile. I noticed you were interested in Argentina, and I'm close! Interested?????

Congrats on your wonderful blog.

Futaluefu, Chile

Toni said...

Vicki -- I'm VERY interested, yes! I see your 'Chili Chatter' blog is by invitation only, and I couldn't find a way to email you. Anything Chilean interests me because of the writing of Isabelle Allende ... tell me how I can reach you, pretty please!

BubblyInfinite said...

I was just wondering how you got the layout of your blog. I am very tired of only using the templates. Could you tell my what you did to get such a beautiful layout?

Writer said...

Congrats. on being a blog of note.

reyjr said...

No Philippines? haha. jk.

Warm greets from the beautiful Philippine Islands. :D

kenny8blog said...

Hi Tony,
I'm a new follower attracted by
your art and arty slant.Jean,
my wife is a keen watercolourist
J.M.Turner devotee.
That may explain my following.
Glad to see you have Venice on
the list.We do a day trip there
every stay we have at Malcesine'
Lake Garda.But,Venice needs a week
really.Recommend Salzburg a new

Katie said...

Hi Toni,

I came to your blog through the "Blog of Note" link. Your layout and content look great! My congrats to you. I'm moving to Argentina in less than 3 weeks, so perhaps you'd be interested in striking up a virtual friendship.

As a weird aside, our blog names seem to parallel each other: Seaweed and Gardenias/Seashells and Sunflowers! :D