Friday, February 20, 2009

Technical Difficulties thanks to a Chocolate Pawletted Feline

Alert: Zoe, whilst I was elsewhere diverted, chewed her way through the A/C adaptor cord to my laptop. Upon discovery, I gave her 20 lashes and grounded her from mat board for two weeks. But this does mean that until I'm able to purchase a replacement, I'm dead in the water at home. Won't be any scanning OR posting this weekend, eesh blimey and double shite!!! ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!


Larns said...

Naughty kitty hehe

Judy C said...

Sorry. I hate to laugh but that is funny. Sort of like having the dog eat your homework.

Holly said...

Ain't it odd. My blog entry today was about technical snafu's too! What is in the air today???!! Toni, thanks for the vote of confidence on the new blog look! You and V are the best to share stuff like you do. Now, if I can only get readers to visit like they do yours! I suppose it just takes time...oh, talent like yours would be a good thing, too!