Thursday, February 12, 2009


Before I close down, I have to tell you about this: if you love birds, go visit(run! right now! I mean it!!!) The Tuscan Rose ! RIGHT NOW. Scroll down, down, see the Basic Grey stamp sets? Do you see them, right there on the top left? The beautiful birdcages? Oh! My! God! After you put a set of those in your cart, then you can go back and see the new Basic Grey papers and rub-ons. Basic Grey is my ultra favorite of every line out there in mixed media land -- whoo hoo! I love it when Patty brings out the new stuff!

Happy shopping! and now I'm officially off-line til next week.


S. Guardie P. said...

carine le immagini

paladin said...

how i like your article and your blog , I have never seen such a tidy,beautiful and wealthy blog before . Once i have rest time , I will come here everyday!

beth said...

have a great time "away"

Amy said...

Wholly Gamboni, woman. If that is your art down there on your blog, I'm hooked! You are talented.

P.S. I concur re: Basic Gray and just ordered some of their newest line...starts with an M, but can't remember what it's called....need more coffee.....wowsers.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Stop all the time luring me in with the kind of posts you know that I love :)!! I hope you are feeling better girl. Now, I'm sick. Like really sick. Bummer.

Happy Valentine's Day and......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

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Carla said...

You are a bad woman for pointing out all that Basic Gray goodness!!

I have seen that movie, and I remember the rock pushing scene! I love the Balanced Rock stamp, too!

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Gordyn said...

Keep up the good work!

Mike said...


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A Few Little Words said...

Fun blog!

Anonymous said...

congrats on being a blog of note!

Holly said...

Your blog site is lovely. I'm a writer so my blog is my work of art. Not sure it compares with yours by any stretch of the imagination. Just wanted to let you know I'll list it on the blogs that I follow so more of my world can find you. Namaste'!

Holly said...

Toni! Welcome home and I'm delighted that you visited my blog. I hope you'll come again for a visit. One thing for sure, it's never dull! I have a question, how did you get a counter on your page? I've been trying all day and can't figure it out! I hope you noticed that I linked your blog to mine. Can't wait for my friends to discover you!