Monday, February 23, 2009

KK February Prompts: #s 21 - 26

#21: super hero powers I wanted as a kid. "I yearned to be able to talk to animals like Dr. Doolittle, especially cats and birds. Then in 4th grade, I read Madeleine L'Engle's book, A Wrinkle in Time, and became fascinated with the concept of time travel. Both still consume a lot of my writing and fantasy life. Movies like Somewhere in Time, Back to the Future, and The Horse Whisperer, and now Cesar Milan and his skill with dogs! Awesome! Bobfather (my brother) is a cat whisperer, except for Puma-Zoe!" #22: Worst teacher. "Mr. Smith, 8th grade algebra. Always had his back to us, or sat arrogantly in his desk chair saying, "Figure it out." To this day, I don't think HE understood the subject. Whatever interest I had left in math died that year." #23: How do I eat my veggies now/what's on my grocery list? "I will happily nosh on any veggie, raw or cooked, except sweet potatoes. But the veggie of all veggies is ASPARAGUS! Too bad it's so expensive. It even makes my pee smell good when I eat it! It really does!! Grilled veggies are best. My grocery list is always 'essentials': bread, milk, eggs, stuff for my two hoovers in the form of sons, the occasional treat like creamer and eggplant." #24: Bedtime Routine: "Bedtime is brushing teeth, washing off makeup, choosing/readying work outfit for the next day, including selecting my jewelry -- I love that part! Moisturize my face, beg BB to watch TV in the living room, snuggle into the covers but kick them OFF my feet -- then it's fantasy time. Where will I go tonight? Argentina? Prague? The ocean? What language? What occupation? Where do I live? What art supplies do I need? Who am I interacting with? Is it present day, the past, a parallel universe? Sometimes the fantasy influences my dreams. Sometimes it bores me to an early sleep. Sometimes it cleaves into bright fragments that later become poetry, a journal background, or a later fantasy. When I'm really tired, I decide what kind of bed I'd most like to be in, the linens, the room, the weather outside." #25: My best birthday: "Nags Head, age 13, spent the day on my own, at the pool, on the beach. Mom 'baked' my cake in an electric skillet, and I received my very first transistor radio! BLISS!" #26: What I would take with me: "Memories and the ocean."


skywind said...

Are very good pictures, very rich imagination

beth said...

your time and attention to these pages is totally impress me !!!

and we had asparagus last night and it was yummy !!!

Holly said...

Give us an idea how long it takes, just an average will do, to create one of your pages. They're's all the colors that I adore. I know how long it takes me to fabricate a card...and I am daunted by the volumn of pages you share with us!

John harris said...

thanks for share.really great post.good pictures and art very beatifull.

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Carla said...

Your pages are beautiful, but the most fun for me is reading your musings!!

Veronica said...

that is awesome. we have just about the same routines. I love all the art. I hate asparagus..... lol
but i do like french style green