Friday, February 20, 2009

Details about "D"

I talked to "D's" dad a long time last night -- here's the WONDERFUL SCOOP!

"D" had his last drain removed yesterday -- he's now free of all IVs, drains, tubes, needles, attachments and medical appliances! My buddy said all "D" needed was to get OUT of the hospital to start improving by leaps and bounds, as he'd been getting increasingly depressed there. All of "D's" bodily functions are normal, no bags, no need for any of that. The infection is completely gone; he's even gaining weight (which, believe me, he sorely needs to do)! "D" changes his own remaining dressings, and even those will be history at his next follow-up visit.

The request still stands for cards, as "D" has them all up in his room and they've become his bragging wall! He sent a thank you shout-out and big cheesy grin to everyone who is represented on his wall!

And as for "D's" Dad, he has found employment elsewhere, so a huge sigh of relief from him AND from me on that account.