Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sick, Disgusted, Frustrated, Furious, Sad

Layoffs. Four more guys went yesterday, including "D"s Dad -- if you can believe that! And one other guy who has been a friend, hung out at my house, tilted a few cervezas with my husband now & again.

What does 'layoff' mean if it's not based on seniority (or lack thereof)? But Arizona is not a Union state -- so anything goes.

You know that gut-sour feeling you get when you're forced to be witness to, or part of, something that's just wrong? Immoral, even?

I'm there.


Lorraine said...

I'm so sorry to read this about "D's" dad. It has been scary out there, gets even more so, every day. How is "D" doing? Did you recieve the card I sent? I did ask people I know to send some also. I come visit you every other day, love your blog.

Toni said...

Lorraine -- your card came yesterday! I'm seeing "D" and his dad tonight so will turn it over to D. "D" has had another setback -- they just can't get his infection cleared up, so he is still in the hospital! Thanks so much for asking, and for the card, and for coming to visit my blog. I lost your email address or I would've answered you that way!

beth said...

I know I know...it's so hard right now for soooo many people and you are a dear for having such a huge heart and feeling all of this !

Eternal Free Spirit said...

Ugh I hate lay offs. My boyfriend was laid off right before Christmas...like the Sunday before!!! Last week he got hired at another company but geez...it's crazy out there. I'm so happy for my job (where I am now).

sex said...