Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kelly February Prompts #s 7 & 8

Prompt #7. "I am not actually an animal, although I most identify with wolves and big cats. I am a fish. I am a desert mermaid." Prompt #8. My favorite place: "Within, where exotic ideas intersect with my pulse, & simple rain-soaked breezes carry smiles and hints of my beloved oceans. There is my security and my launching, an empowering security, my heart's home. Inside, inside me, the catalyst to motion or stillness, to rage or passion, to art & words, and the wonder of drawing these breaths every moment. In, out, it's enough, and can take me everywhere, or nowhere, with grace & awareness. I am my own favorite place."

Note: Yesterday at the workshop, Kelly showed me her journal from the January prompts, and also the February journal (although I didn't peek past the prompts I'd already finished -- I LOVE surprises) ... her journals are shimmering, fascinating, full of cool-ass elements, but also SMALL! I guess I just didn't realize. On blog posts, you can't really discern the page size. My pages are all 8-1/2 x 11; no wonder I sometimes feel overwhelmed in my attempts to balance the elements! But again, I have to have a larger work area, too, and I LOVE going back through these fat & larger journals of mine.

Speaking of journals: I haven't done any backgrounds in my written journal for days and days now, and I can't stand writing on the white pages any longer! I'm off to see what I can see with that!


beth said...

"i am my own favorite place"

and like how tiny are her journals anyway...i thought they were big, too ! said...

Very very best Blog.