Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Murky Mind

Stuck in visions from Mumbai, the survivors' stories ringing HARD in my head;
more headless bodies flung like refuse in Tijuana, 37 killed there over 3 days;
some innocent guy, working thru a temp service at Walmart, gets trampled to death on Black Friday;
80 whales in Tasmania stranded and then die;
carbon monoxide killing more schoolchildren in China;
smugglers taking money then forcing the migrants overboard to their deaths ...

but Britney Spears 'Radiant Return' tops the news.

I'm tired.
I wonder if the ocean floor ever feels like this ...
sifted, plundered, by currents,
storms, flashes of light from above,
laying there, not really still but
not actually moving:
hosting, housing, helping,
nourishing others ...

being a woman? being a empathetic human? can be like that.