Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stupid is as Stupid Does

Why is it that there are some folks who just HAVE to talk 'at' me, as if from some great height, even in response to the most simple of questions? Folks whose tone implies a) their wisdom and b) my vast ignorance?

More importantly, why is it that every time I interact with these kind of individuals, I have to spend 15 minutes afterward reciting my scroll of affirmations, particularly, 'This is not about ME.'

Why is it my automatic internal response is to 'accept' the "You Smart, Me Dumb" posturing? Causing the need for me to then shake my head and go whoa! Wait a second, here!

And talk myself back to my own comfort level.
Condescension combined with arrogance shatters my balance. I gotta think about that.

[googled image: cracked ice]