Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Journal, and Saturday Backgrounds

It's official. I've committed to a new journal. Can't scan it -- it's just a Strathmore spiral bound sketchbook, 60 pages, 60 lb. paper -- except it's 11 x 14. Yup. Toni's going BIG!!! I decided to try a format that fits these huge hands of mine. I decided to force myself out of my comfort zone, too. And while I'm telling stories on myself, you should know that I did something this morning I've never done before: I ripped out the last 11 blank pages in my current journal, as I'm SO EAGER to get to this new one. Cheatin' little wench, ain't I!? So here are the remaining backgrounds in the current written journal, folks. Wild Girls. Tuscan Rose postcard, stickers, photo of my love, Ciera, tags, Twinkling H2O paint, mad fun! Ciera would like this page, too. Autumn Dress. Stickers, rubber stamp image, rub-on border. Simple, I like this. Java Mermaid. Mermaids will surface for a good cup o'joe. True story. Just scraps and leftover rub-ons, a magazine image. What A Day! Magazine image, homemade postage, acrylic paint, scraps. Like this page a lot -- it's got good energy. Dream and I Am.Background papers and borders from Miss V, magazine image, homemade postage with a folded Basic Grey sheet for more journaling.