Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Update: Young man took 3 bullets to the abdomen, massive internal bleeding, one kidney already removed, a ripped colon being repaired next. Very bad news internally. My co-worker and his friends/family are trying to piece together the course of events but not finding any cohesive answers at this point. The young man was left in the street to die, and not found for 2 hours. -- All I want to do is hug my sons. NOW. ----------------------

My company has an ongoing job site in Yuma, AZ, about 4 hours from our office here.

Last night, one of the crew guys assigned to that job received 'one of those calls' -- his 20 year old son had been shot, & his injuries were (are) life threatening.

That's all I know, except that when I got the news I started crying and my heart choked and I tried (at 5:50 a.m., 5:51 a.m., 5:53 a.m., etc.) to phone my oldest male child to tell him I love him. My oldest male child, of course, is sound asleep and never turns his phone on until he's up and about, but I kept dialing anyway. I remember thinking the 40-minute drive from my bros' house to the hospital where my oldest male child was taken after his accident seemed interminably, impossibly, outrageously long. But now I'm just trying to comprehend how our crew guy felt, having to drive 4 hours with the knowledge that his son might be dead when he finally reached the hospital.

We, the staff here this a.m., circling the coffee machine like always, only know that our co-worker spent all night not knowing if his son would live. We don't know, now, IF his son lived. I sent him a text, as encouraging and BRIEF as I could muster, then tried calling my oldest male child again.

I'll be calling until we connect.


Beth said... he okay ??

Carla said...

Oh Toni, I hate this.

candy said...

how sad! I hope you're able to find out if he's ok, and you were able to reach your boys.