Sunday, December 28, 2008

Home Again

My Lovely Mother and I headed out to 'The Ranch' on Wednesday afternoon, then spent a leisurely 3 days hanging out, including Christmas day. I left yesterday, after we picked up some furniture gifts from a workmate of her's. She gets to continue her Ranch days all next week and YES! I am jealous. These are my bro, Chris' few photos from Christmas Day. Ciera playing with Miss Patchy. My favorite of Chris' photos. YOU try to keep a 7-year old out of the presents once the sun comes up on Christmas Day. Santa and Hannah Montana cut a deal this year, true story, at least where Ciera is concerned. Inspecting the Hannah Montana backstage closet, before I launched into putting together the Hannah Montana stage. I tell you, 45 minutes later, with the help of a tool set and a chain saw, one MIGHT have wrestled the shite out of the package. My bro, Cam, said, 'Yea, now it's more packaging than present!' I am wearing one of Chris' t-shirts, and being that he's 6'-4" tall, it kinda goes to my knees ... I do have on shorts underneath, thank you very much!