Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Prayers for "D", Please, & His Family

12/18/08 UPDATE: Almost lost D last night. My friend got 'the call' at 4 a.m. that D was being rushed into surgery. It's 9 a.m. here now and he is still in surgery. The fear is that the repair to his colon undid itself, actually split, and spilled waste into his system. My friend said it's the first time anyone has said the 'almost lost him' phrase but he refuses to hear it, to let his mind consider it at all.

Was feeling scared and emotional ... but my friend just called to say D is OUT of surgery and everything is fine, repaired, all looks well.

Whew. What a journey for this young guy, for his family ...

My friend's son, "D", is back in surgical intensive care. The remaining portion of his liver was processing waste but sending it every which way back into his system, to the end that he got an infection in his blood. Yesterday saw him back in surgery to have a tube installed that will direct the waste from his liver in the correct fashion. But D's dad told me that the ICU nurses were clearly SAD to hear that D was back in ICU; this is not good news for them, or for his recovery process. D told his dad that his stomach hurts, severely, ALL THE TIME -- there is increasing concern about that, and about the level of the pain killers required to keep his pain manageable.

Naturally, after 14 days of this up/down/back/forth, my friend and his family who are holding vigil at the hospital are feeling exhaustion. Please include them in your thoughts and prayers as well.