Thursday, December 11, 2008

Journal Crisis

I'm having a journal crisis. True story. For the last 2 months, I've been obsessing about the way in which I'm keeping a journal. You've seen the backgrounds; I write on them as they occur, in the order they appear on the page.

I don't like that, especially, because 99% of the time, the images, colors, papers, etc., don't relate whatsoever to the thoughts in my head on the day I finally get to writing on a page.

I do like that because I just love the process of creating the backgrounds.

What I really want is something like what Judy Wise does in her journal. Have you seen her pages? ooohhh, sweet goodness! Her post of December 6th finally helped me connect all the dots on her process. The thing is, see, well, I'm a verbose wench -- I do way way way way way more writing every day than Judy does. But what I want to incorporate from her journaling process is the way the visuals correspond to the entries.

How? I mean, if I'm in the middle of a writing flurry, which happens every day, then I'm going to stamp my not-so-tiny feet if I have to interrupt my writing process to glue down images, or paint them, or insert the papers that go with my thought flow. And that, of course, would also involve the dreaded drying time. eeewww.

So then I thought -- well, what if I didn't have a bound book? What if I used loose sheets, whatever I wanted, and then punched and bound them as I finished them? I have a GBC binding machine, and all kinds and sizes of spines to go with it. But then I'd have the same problem with the images and paint and stuff, though, and with the dreaded drying time. And if I went anywhere, not having a bound journal would truly make me NUTS.

You see. Crisis.

Because I'm dangerously close to finishing my current journal, and I know THIS system isn't really working for me, so a decision must be made. I'm just more than a little skeered of launching into a completely new format and deciding, 12 pages in, that I hate it. Or that it doesn't work.

Any ideas? Now would be a GREAT time for 'em.

Meanwhile, Double BB left me in charge of the steaks on the grill while he runs an errand - lord help us! So I better go pretend to at least scope them out, grab the fork and turn 'em over, and hope he gets back REALLY FAST!


Beth said...

this post totally cracked me up for some reason....

I think maybe journalers anonymous might be just the answer you're looking for....hee heee

you know I love ya sista...MUWAH !

Anonymous said...

Umm...let's see....



My images are generic...they never match my thoughts. I use a peacock feather stencil a lot and I never write about peacocks..

When I look though my online album I notice a couple of pictures but not many. Maybe I am not that much help...but when I think of other people who journal a lot with images, they don't write about them specifically either.

Maybe color can be the deciding factor on the mood of your page...

I just reread all this...crimany..I am no help at all.

Anonymous said...