Saturday, December 20, 2008

YOU CAN HELP! (Will you, please?)

Dear friends ... those of you who read this blog know all about "D" and his condition. I'm feeling so hands-tied, and after seeing D's hospital photo yesterday, I've been churning, aching, yearning to DO SOMETHING!!!!!!

So I've decided just to ask: any of you wonderful folks who lean toward making things, would you please consider making D a get well card? Or a support card for him and his family?

You can email me for specifics [] -- names, where to send it, etc., if you're interested in participating. And if you have a couple of spare dollars to share (I know, I know, wrong time of the year for THAT proposal), they are in dire need, due to all the missed work to support Daniel through the innumerable surgeries he's so far had to undergo, with more on the horizon.

But cards, those would go such a long way to uplifting this very-stressed group of dear and wonderful people. So please consider buying out a few minutes from your already holiday-hectic madness.

Thanks for listening. Now I'm going to go let myself have that good cry I've been needing.