Friday, December 19, 2008

Late Week Backgrounds

I still have six sides to complete, and man, I haven't been doing much writing the last week. Figures I'd slow down just as I'm nearing the end of one journal and a brand NEW one is beckoning! Family Blooms. Ok, I wasn't going to post this -- but this is a perfect example of one of my backgrounds GONE REALLY WRONG!!! So I thought I'd just share it instead of hiding it. The colors don't work, there are too many conflicting images, too much movement within the images, not enough room to write. I wanted to play with floors, windows, mirrors -- all sensations that arrive in me after being with kinfolk. Pfft. I'll have to keep trying, clearly. Me, Now. What can I say? Double BB does have this effect on me. Photo from a book, rub ons, caution tape remnant, scrapbook paper background, magazine text, stickers. 1st 50 Callers. Well, had I written on this background after making it, it would have reflected, PERFECTLY, my mood. Magazine images, a stamped image (I use this wacked out woman as a journal symbol for Toni in a wacked out, stressed out mood) ... acrylic paint, paper scrap, text from both a magazine and a fax we got at work. Uncorked & Unplugged. Magazine images, acrylic paint, and a negative strip I found on the ground. Makes me think of my bro', the Bobfather, who is a consummate guitar player and has always been my musical muse, turning me on to the greatest of bands, songs, lyrics, chords, and my own writing. Dancing Palm. Palm trees are a sultry brand ... this one is peeking out from the top of a paper pocket - it's a copy of a vintage postcard from my stash. So is the photo. Punched white hearts, acrylic paint. Pink, black and white feel very bold to me, like mischief and sass. Dream of Green Beeches. Paper scraps, green acrylic paint, emerald Bombay india ink. Ever since Dad, My Other Mom Judy and I went to the arboretum, I've been having intense tree dreams. My favorites have always been aspen and beech, because of their peely bark -- now I can add eucalyptus to the other two, for the same reason. This is exactly the way the 'background' (backdrop?) of my dream looked and felt