Friday, December 19, 2008

Continued News re: "D"

I just spoke with D's father -- D is on a ventilating machine -- I did not know this! But his surgical team thinks he'll be off it sooner than they expected. Meanwhile, D has not been allowed to come completely out of sedation from his surgery yesterday, but the team is pleased with how well he's doing. Today, later this afternoon, more tubes must go in to remove the fluids collecting in his lungs, and a feeding tube is going back in.

My friend and his wife actually got six straight hours of sleep last night, he said, so he/they are feeling a little more refreshed. And right now, they're on their way to see their youngest in his school Christmas play, which I think will help lighten them for a while, also.

My Lovely Mother and I are surprising them with a small financial boost, as my friend isn't getting paid for any of the time he misses to stay near D. At the very least, I hope it buys them gas and a nice dinner, you know?

Please keep your prayers going, and thank you!