Monday, December 29, 2008

Final Written Journal Backgrounds, and 1 A La Peter Beard

These are the last five backgrounds in my current journal -- I'm almost there! Grazie. The black and white image is a copy of one side of a mail art "thank you" postcard I made for a friend, and really liked. Paper and envelope scraps, otherwise, except for a transfer in the lower right corner. Lotus Rose. Postcard copy, from my collection. All paper scraps and the Lotus Rose piece from The Tuscan Rose and/or Patty. Butterfly postcard tucked in for extra journaling, and an orange-patterned index card. Harlequin stamps new, from Purple Onion Designs. This postcard always makes me grin. Chorus Line. Frame from Veronica. Tags, scrap and image from Patty/The Tuscan Rose. Acrylic paint. Inward Journey. Transfer of a portion of a postcard from my collection -- my transfers are improving. I did this one to a piece of glossy copier paper and it turned out really well. Lea Cioci rubber stamped words. Paper scrap, acrylic paint. I love this one, actually! December Woman. Rubber stamp images, mainly, and text ... some kind of butcher paper scrap, too. A La Peter Beard Side 1 - paint, funky scotch tape, hand-carved stamped images. Fun fun fun to do ... yes that IS my big paw print! This is just the first base layer -- I'm going to add more texture and rubber stamp images. A La Peter Beard, Side 2. Base only, will add more to this, also.