Thursday, December 11, 2008

Back to the Backgrounds

My soul bird. THIS IS THE CULPRIT!!! THIS IS THE BIRD THAT'S ALREADY APPEARED IN MY CURRENT JOURNAL 62 TIMES!!! I mentioned this on a previous post -- I tried, I did, I truly did, not to order another sheet of these Basic Grey rub-ons, but eesh! I gotta have this bird. Never again will Toni run out of copies of this. It's a soul image for me; it's a MUST-HAVE! Anyway, so I ordered this sheet and one other from The Tuscan Rose, received them yesterday, and Ms. Patty enclosed a plethora of luscious surprises for me. I had to get busy right stinkin' NOW!! so I could use them. The Page Seed Co. Ah, Patty, she owns my heart. This page is all straight out of the goodies she sent me along with my order -- the ledger paper, the blue striped wallpaper piece, the little girl in the beret and spectacles! The rest are Basic Grey paper scraps but you know I get those from The Tuscan Rose ... confession: there were days, in my grade school past, when I resembled this little poppet -- big coke-bottle glasses, little sailor collar, and a happenin' hat! Very nostalgic picture for me and the reason I came to the studio table still feeling so s l ooooo ooooOOOOOOoooooo wwwWWWWW. THANK YOU, PATTY!!!! Ricos Sno Ball. Among the goodies from Patty, the Woods of Windsor paper, the kitten in the shoe (a whole COLLAGE SHEET of different images like this) ... and the Ricos Sno Ball container. This cat looks especially like Zoe Toes! The rest are scraps either from my blotter or my stash. Toot! Toot! Don't you love SnoCones? I do, raspberry and cherry are my favorites! Tuna Cats. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Patty's sooprises included these 2 little ladies ... HAHAHAHAHAHA. I love this picture, I do. The rest is bits from inside a business envelope, work graphics (those each open up for little journaling tidbits), Tuna Cat label also from The Tuscan Rose, border from Miss V. Fun fun fun. Yellow acrylic wash over it all. Fancy Bird Nest. Yea, a sweet page! Acrylic paint, paper scraps from Patty, graphics from work. Love this! Ripe. A page constructed entirely of leftovers. I'm digging into every stash, every cigar box, every folder, every envelope. Eesh, blimey, but do I have a LOTTA shite! True story. I like this page, though. I made this homemade postage over 18 months ago, and still have about 25 pieces of it in a glassine envelope. I'm determined to USE it. One Telegram. A newspaper article, desert picture, then a map of Portugal ripped into 3 strips. I didn't like how it looked, but it was already glued down to the page. HELP me, Gesso! HELP me, purple acrylic paint! Some leftover blotter paper bits, and an embossed rubber stamp ... kind of ended up murky but there you have it. Pfft. It happens!