Monday, December 29, 2008

Update on "D"

"D" has been moved OUT of ICU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he didn't have to take along his 24 million IVs and bag, just the drain [from his last open surgery on his colon], and the feeding tube. His lungs are staying clear on their own, so far, now. The hospital staff has had him up and walking -- evidently "D" LOVES to just sit by the window of the surgery lounge, soaking up the light. [That visual makes me tear up, every time!] Though he still needs the feeding tube, he is also beginning to be able to eat on his own (broths, liquid-y stuff), but he's holding it down, which wasn't the case up until Sunday.

Whew, this is GOOD NEWS! Cards would still be greatly appreciated, my dear ones!!! Please email for the address; my company has asked me not to post it on my blog.