Thursday, December 11, 2008

Updates & ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!

Yea, Buddy, I'm back -- to work, to about 88% of my usual (ahem) piss & vinegar.

Meanwhile, my friend's son, D? -- He's been moved out of surgical ICU. The swelling in his abdomen went down beautifully after all his surgeries, and the surgical team was able to close up his abdomen and move him late last Friday. Upcoming round of scans to assess the functionality (is that a word) of all the repaired organs.

Enough Already:
From my older bro, the Bobfather, yesterday, regarding my 19-year old nephew, Alex: "Some lady hit Alex on his bike on 15th Avenue. Alex was able to jump off of his bike and mostly escape, but he got some scratches and cuts on his hands, and his one wrist is hurting. I guess the lady just rolled right through a walkway marked on the street. Alex is going to Urgent Care, but he's walking around OK. So, I don't think he was hurt too badly.

The lady said she would buy him a new bike as his is somewhat bent up.

Lucky that she wasn't going faster and that Alex was able to mostly get out of her way."

Yes, he's ok, thank GOD! It's just "enough, already" with the heart-attack sensation I keep getting from all these wonderful young fellas getting banged up. I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE!!!!