Friday, December 19, 2008

Update On "D" - 7 p.m. Friday night

I talked to D's father today and arranged to take his paycheck and my family's wee sooprise down to the hospital, to save him an extra trip. I met him down by the parking garage and handed everything off. He looked so much better than the last time I'd seen him -- rested, calm ... really did my heart good, seeing that! And my family's gift to him was met with stunned, then heartfelt, gratitude. Finally I felt I had been able to do something concrete by way of aide!

Anyway, it wasn't until after I left that my friend picture-texted me a photo of D in his bed ... an image I remember all too well from my oldest male child's post-car-accident hospital time. I instantly started bawling -- that heaving, hiccupy kind ... eesh! blimey! Shite!!!!!! That poor young guy, my gawd. Once again, they've had to leave his abdomen incision OPEN due to swelling -- I mean, it's draped, in the photo, but I know what's going on underneath. They did manage to remove the ventilator and most of the liquid backbuilding in D's lungs. The doctors all speak confidently of progress being made. Can't tell from that photo but I choose to follow my friend's lead: "I have faith."

I think a Bud Light with Lime is in order. True story. I might even share some with Zoe.