Monday, June 15, 2009

June 14, 2009 Dreamscape

I had the Toni Version Dream of Bo Derek running on the beach ... all soft focus and hazy and Anthropologie'd out and ... well ... it was LOVELY, in a dream, running thru sand, lollipops in a rainbow of colors, picnic baskets, a soundtrack of laughter, waves, and wind thru dune grass, sand pipers helping themselves to the croissants, pears so ripe the juice ran down my chin. I'd love to have a picnic with an assortment of birds, wouldn't you?


beth said...

a picnic surrounded by birds and lollipops to suck on...perfect !

Wildly Cam said...

I love to hear them serenade me on my morning walks. I think they are singing, "Good Morning, Cam...What wildly thing are you plotting for today." and I just smile and say, "You'll just have to see it for yourself!"

Yes, a picnic is just what I need. As soon as Ash gets here next week, we will be off to the island for a picnic!